Scholarship / Sponsorship


To encourage members to further education and conduct research on infection control


  1. The Scholarship/Sponsorship is NOT intended to provide FULL coverage of costs and expenses to applicants. Successful applicants are expected to contribute part of those costs and expenses on their own.
  2. Applicants are required to ensure that the the HKICNA Scholarship/Sponsorship shall be their SOLE and EXCLUSIVE source of financial subsidy for the below event applied for.

Events for 2017 Scholarship / Sponsorship:

  1. 8th APSIC (Asia Pacific Society of Infection Control ) International Congress 12 - 15 February 2017 , Thailand, Bangkok
  2. 4th ICPIC (International Conference on Prevention & Infection Control ) 20-23 June 2017, Geneva , Switzerland

Who can apply:

Scholarships and Sponsorships are open to members with active HKICNA membership (Ordinary/Associate) for 3 or more years consecutively as of December 2016 and a fully paid-up membership for 2017.

The application and the amount granted is subject to HKICNA's sole decision and discretion, which is full and final.

  1. Scholarship : granted to those with Successful acceptance of oral / poster presentation.
    a) APSIC : Maximum HKD 8,000 per successful applicant.
    b) ICPIC : Maximum HKD16,000 per successful applicant.
  2. Sponsorship #:
    a) APSIC : Maximum HKD5,000 per successful applicant.
    b) ICPIC : Maximum HKD10,000 per successful applicant.
#Contribution : The successful applicant is required to complete the contribution to HKICNA in 2016 / 2017 as at the application form. For details, refer to the form.

Method for application: click here
Applicants are required to submit a completed standard application form to HKICNA.

Deadline for application: 19th September 2016
The completed application form must reach HKICNA email: on or before deadline.

Announcement of Results: 6th October 2016

  1. Confirmation of successful application will be sent and notified by e-mail.
  2. A list of all successful applicants will be posted on the HKICNA's website by mid- October 2016 and the March issue of newsletter 2017.

The HKICNA Council reserves its right NOT to approve reimbursement if APPLICATION for reimbursement and ALL REQUIRED documents listed below have not reached HKICNA, within 30 days after the closing of the conference. The HKICNA also reserves the right to claim back the reimbursed amount if the contribution is found to be non-compliant:

  1. Original official receipt of conference registration including original electronic version,
  2. Original official invoice of Economy return air ticket and airport tax.
  3. Certified TRUE copy of attendance certificate.
  4. Certified TRUE copy of confirmation of presentation acceptance (for scholarship only)
  5. Original official invoice Hotel (Room charge and tax only) (for scholarship only)


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