An active member ( has paid the membership fee of the current year ) is entitled to have the following membership benefits.

  1. Subscription to the Bi-annual Newsletter.
  2. Participation in Annual General Meeting
  3. Discounted registration fees for biennial conference and other educational offerings

Categories of Membership

  1. Ordinary
    Any on job infection control nurses or any qualified nurses who have had infection control training in Hong Kong or overseas or on job training. Ordinary member shall have the right to elect the council members and vote at any General Meeting of the Association (Voting members).
  2. Associated
    Any qualified nurses interested in infection control
  3. Medical
    Any doctor interested in infection control
  4. Affiliated
    Any Paramedical staff interested in infection
  5. Associated Overseas Member
    Infection Control Professionals working overseas
  6. Retired member
    A current member with consecutive 3 years membership and submit a confirmed retirement letter issued by Human Resources

Membership Application

To keep membership active and have the membership benefits, membership fee should be paid every 2 calendar years starting from 1st of January till 31st of December of the following year.

  • membership application / renewal

  • Please click at the membership application / renewal form for the details. If a membership fee has been overdue > 3 years, it results to expire this membership accordingly and is required to RE-join as a new member.