Research provides a base of evidence-based practice in infection control and prevention. Therefore, HKICNA developed a research grant in September 2003.

This grant aims to fund infection control related research to exhaust the knowledge of infection control and prevention. HKICNA cordially invites each member to apply for this grant to support your study of infection control.

Members of Research Review Panel

  1. Professor Paul CHAN
    Associate Professor, Department of Microbiology, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
  2. Professor Joanne CHUNG
    Peter TC Lee Chair Professor of Health Studies Dean, Faculty of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, The Education University of Hong Kong
  3. Ms Glenys HARRINGTON
    Consultant, Infection Control Consultancy (ICC)
  4. Professor William JARVIS
    Clinical Associate Professor, School of Medicine, Emory University; Adjunct Assistant Professor, Rollins School of Public Health, Emory University, USA
  5. Ms Patricia LYNCH
    Past Chair, International Federation of Infection Control, USA
  6. Professor Didier PITTET
    Director, Infection Control Program, The University of Geneva Hospitals, Switzerland; Lead, WHO, World Alliance for Patient Safety
  7. Dr Wing-hong SETO
    Director, WHO Collaborating Centre for Infection Control, Hospital Authority; Senior Advisor, Infection Control, Hospital Authority Head Office
  8. Dr Wing-kin TO
    Infection Control Officer, Yan Chai Hospital & CMC; consultant, Microbiology, KWC, Hong Kong
  9. Professor Samson WONG
    Assistant Professor, Microbiology. The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Method of Application

All active HKICNA members of any type of membership are eligible for application

  1. Guidance note: Download
  2. Application form: Download

* Please submit the application to

Closing date for Application

30th June 2014

Funding for Application

Maximum HKD$100,000 per proposal, the amount granted is subject to the panel's decision

Vetting Criteria

Assessed by the followings:

  1. FRIEND - Feasible, Relevant, Interesting, Ethical, Novel, Deliverable
  2. THEME - Related to infection control

Result of the Application

Applicants not notified by 30th September 2014 should consider their applications unsuccessful.


The successful candidate is required to sign an undertaking with HKICNA