Frequently Asked Questions


Q1 : I joined HKICNA in 2005 and have not renewed the membership till this moment, am I an active member ?
Answer : Not at this moment , but you were an active member in 2005 & 2006. An active member refers to a member who has paid the membership fee of the current year. For example: you have paid membership fee to renew your membership for 2 years from 2007 till 2008, so you are an active member in 2007 and 2008.

Q2: I joined HKICNA in 2003 and failed to renew membership, can I renew it now?
Answer : Sure, you may go to "join us" of our website and click renewal membership and follow as instructed.

To continue your membership, you have to pay 4 years of membership fee starting from 1st January of 2005 till 31st December of 2008. Why 4 years , not 2 years ? Yes, you are right that the membership has to be renewed every 2 calendar years, but you missed a 2-years renewal for 2005 and 2006. Therefore, you have to pay 4 years (1st renewal : 2005-2006; 2nd 2007-2008) membership fee, not 2 years.

Q3: Why my colleague was advised to join as a new member whose membership was expired only one year earlier (joined in 2002 and expired in 2003) than mine.
Answer : If a membership has been expired > 3 years (2004 to 2007 > 3 years ), it is required to re-join as a new member. A past member whose membership has been expired over 3 years, the old record will not be kept any more.

Q4: I don't understand what 2 years membership mean. I joined in 25 May 2005, 2 years membership implies my membership is going to be expired by the end of May 2007. Today is 20th May 2007, so I am still active member. Why I received a reminder for renewal membership in April together with a copy of newsletter ?
Answer : No, your membership was expired on 31st December 2006. 2 years implies 2 calendar years. It starts on 1st of January and ends on 31st December of the following year. Whenever one joins in a year, the membership is usually expired on the last day (31st December) of the following year. Therefore, please renew your membership, if you would like to continue the membership benefits.

Q5 : How can I know when my membership is expired ?
Answer : It (valid date) is indicated at the front of the membership card. Please check your card. Besides, reminder for re-newal membership will be sent, in April, to those members whose membership was expired at the end of last year.


Q1: Great, I have been notified for a successful sponsorship approved by HKICNA. Thank you. Should I send my invoice of air- ticket for re-imbursement?
Answer : No, when applying for re-imbursement, you have to submit documents stated in your letter and air ticket is not included. Incomplete submission of documents will result to unsuccessful re-imbursement. You may also visit what's new at the front page of this website to confirm what should be submitted when applying for re-imbursement.

Q2: Will HKICNA organize package trip for the APSIC conference ?
Answer : I am afraid HKICNA is not able to do so this time.

Q3: I am looking for a room mate of my hotel room for the conference, would HKICNA arrange this for us ?
Answer : I am afraid HKICNA is not able to do so. You may check the name list of the successful applicants at the front page of our web and see if it may help.

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Q1: I attended the 17th AGM in 2006 and was one of the lucky ones of the lucky draws. Thank you for the wonderful prize and the party. When will the next one be held ?
Answer : As required in our constitution, AGM is usually held every 12-18 months. The 18th AGM is going to be held on 24th November 2007 ( Saturday ). The registration will be available online by mid October 2007. Please visit our home page frequently for the most up-to date information.

Q2: Can I join the AGM if my membership was expired last year ?
Answer : Yes if you have renewed your membership before or on enrollment of AGM; preferably before enrollment. If your membership has been expired > 3 years, you have to re-join as a new member. AGM is for active members which refer to a member who has paid the membership fee of the current year. For example, if the coming one is held in 2007, an active member refers to a member who has paid the membership fee of 2007.


Q1: When will the 2007 infection control course be coming ?
Answer : It has been scheduled in September 3rd 2007 for 9 consecutive Monday evenings at 6:pm to 8pm. As usual, it will be held at HAHO lecture theatre. The information will be put on web soon, probably before July. Please visit our web frequently for the most up-to-date information of the course.

Q2: I was reminded to renew my membership earlier this year. However, I did not renew it. Can I apply the course at the member's discount ?
Answer : To register as a member, you must have had your 2007 membership activated or renewed by the date you are registering. You will not be allowed to register at the membership fee unless dues are current or you purchase a membership.

Q3: How about me ? My membership was expired by the end of 2003 and it's over 3 years already.
Answer : Since your membership has been expired over 3 years, please re-join as a new member for registration at the membership fee.

Q4: I learnt that the course materials were provided at the first talk in the previous courses. Woo, your ideas are rather outdated now. I used to download the teaching materials myself via the university website. See, HKICNA has developed the website, why still keep behind ? Please put the materials onto your web for course members to download themselves before each talk. It is simple, convenient and it doesn't bother the course members to carry a HEAVY folder. Will it be too tired out for members to carry a bundle of course materials after duty? Please try to re-think. Thank you.
Answer : Thank you. What a good idea. This has been suggested by members too. HKICNA will continue to explore if it is feasible to do so in the coming course.

Q5: There is a course assessment after the course. Can I apply for exemption from this assessment ?
Answer : You are allowed to sit for the assessment if your attendance meets the course requirement. Of course, you may choose not to sit for it even if your attendance reaches the pre-requisite for the assessment and you will be awarded a certificate of attendance only.

Q6: I prefer to sit for the course assessment, will my certificate be different? When will I know my results of the assessment ?
Answer : Sure, it will be marked "pass the course assessment" if you pass. If the result does not reach you 3 months after course assessment, please visit our web to contact us.

Q7: Woo, great. How about if I fail ?
Answer : You will be awarded an attendance certificate instead.

Q8: After registration for the course, when will I be informed if my application is successful?
Answer : Usually not later than 2 weeks before the course starts. That means, you will be informed before 15 August 2007, the latest, for the course in September 2007. As the result will usually be sent via e-mail, please mark your contact e-mail clearly. Thanks.

Q9 : How can I access into the course materials ?
Answer : Go to what's new at, click the date of the talk under course notes and follow as instructed. Password has already been e-mailed to the course members who must keep it self until a new one has arrived. The access is offered for members of the course ONLY and the copy right is reserved by the respective speaker.

Telephone enquiries

Q1: I called HKICNA yesterday. However, I was replied by an answering machine which told me I would be contacted later. Why answering machine? Why none replied my call ?
Answer : HKICNA only have part time clerical support, therefore, you will be contacted later when time allows. Please visit home page first for the most up-to- date information, because information / activities regarding HKICNA are available at home page, and click contact us there, if enquiries arise. You will be replied via e-mail very soon. .

Q2: I am wondering if hotline is available for enquiring professional issues ?
Answer : The telephone enquiries are only available for general issues at limited hours (10AM- Noon, Mon-Fri ). Please contact us at our home page and you will be replied by a council member (ICN) via e-mail very soon.

Q3: I called HKICNA and left message on last Friday. However, I was contacted in the next Friday, woo, such a late reply ?
Answer : Please note that you were replied by an answering machine and the enquiries are only available at a part-time basis. If you were expecting an earlier reply, please contact us via our home page. Thanks.