The members of council include Chairman, vice-chairman, Secretary, Treasurer , other members and alternate members.

All are elected by the ordinary members every 2 years. The council members of the 2017-2018 Click here


Dignitary International Advisors
William Jarvis Professor William JARVIS
Clinical Associate Professor, School of Medicine and Public Health, Emory University; and Private consultant, USA
Didier Pittet Professor Didier PITTET
Director, Infection Control Program, The University of Geneva Hospitals, Switzerland; Lead, World Alliance for Patient Safety Challenge, WHO.
Seto Wing Hong Professor SETO Wing-hong
Director, WHO Collaborating Centre for Infection Control

Other Advisors

  1. Professor Joanne CHUNG
    Peter TC Lee Chair Professor of Health Studies Dean, Faculty of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, The Education University of Hong Kong
  2. Dr Helen Tinsley
    Retired HCE, Caritas Medical Centre & Our Lady of Maryknoll Hospital, Hong Kong
  3. Dr TO Wing-kin
    Infection Control Officer , Yan Chai Hospital & CMC; Consultant , Microbiology, KWC, Hong Kong.
  4. Dr Raymond YUNG
    Clinical Microbiologist , Hong Kong Sanatorium Hospital. Hong Kong
  5. Mr Graham COX
    Trust Decontamination Contracts Manager , Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, UK

Partnership with International Organization

  1. International Federation of Infection Control (IFIC)